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Does Marijuana Make Better Sex? Porn Stars Give the Juicy Details!



It’s an age-old question: What effect does smoking pot have on your sex life? Well, research shows that while marijuana can have an aphrodisiacal effect, it can also potentially decrease your sex drive and make it more difficult for you to get aroused.


But you don’t care what research says about smoking pot before sex. You just care what these porn stars have to say about it. They got together just in time for 4/20 to talk about how much they love smoking marijuana and doing the nasty. 


There’s actually some scientific evidence that smoking marijuana can improve your sex life. Although there’s little formal research on the link between weed and sex, smoking marijuana slows down your reaction time and makes your erogenous zones more sensitive, both of which can help lead to mind-blowing sex. 


Or, as one of the porn stars interviewed in this clip puts it, when she smokes weed “I start slobbering and my pussy automatically gets really, really wet, which makes me think I need to fuck.” Happy 4/20, everyone.


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