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Explaining Proposition 64: How California would legalize marijuana

If the proposition passes, the following changes would be implemented: Proposition 64 legalizes marijuana under state law, for use by adults 21 or older Starting immediately, it would no longer be a crime in California to buy, possess or transport limited amounts of marijuana for personal use. You could cultivate up to six plants in the privacy of your own home – either indoors or outdoors, as long as it’s not visible to the public. “They can’t sell it, but they can grow it for their own personal use,” explains Richard Miadich, the lawyer who wrote the initiative and works for the Yes on 64 campaign. Miadich says you can only smoke or consume marijuana products – including edibles – at a pri

New York Medical Marijuana Law A Failure

New York medical marijuana distributors have yet to make a profit eight months after medical pot went legal in the Empire State, the Albany Times Union reported Sunday. There are simply too few patients in New York because of a lengthy qualification process that makes it hard for residents to purchase legal pot. Three of New York's five licensed operators, Etain Health, PharmaCann and Vireo Health of New York, told the Times Union they have not made money from selling medical pot since the law went into effect Jan. 7. The other official marijuana distributors and producers, Columbia Care NY and Bloomfield Industries Inc., would not discuss their earnings. "No matter how hard you look, there'

How Cannabis Prohibition Created Spice

There are a lot of bad things that have resulted from the prohibition of cannabis. Cartels and black market drug dealers – many who deal in more than just weed alone – get to bring in millions each year, teens have easy access to cannabis when compared to alcohol and there are many innocent people sitting in jail or even prison simply for having a bag on their person at the wrong time. However, one of the few things that the government probably never accounted for was a much more dangerous alternative being created to get around the law. Around 2006, that is exactly what happened though. This was about the time that Spice, K2 or synthetic marijuana started to gain popularity in the United Ki

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