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UC Berkeley to Explore Booming U.S. Cannabis Industry in Case Study

Graduate students at Berkeley-Haas are conducting a case study on an African American cannabis entrepreneur to explore both the flourishing cannabis market and the industry social justice and public policy issues. MBA students at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business are preparing to publish one of the first business school case studies on the cannabis industry. The case, “Cannabusiness in Washington D.C.,” will profile Corey Barnette, owner of two cannabis businesses — a cultivation center and a dispensary, both in Washington D.C. The case study, lead authored by associate professor Rui de Figueiredo and co-authored by MBA students Jamaur Bronner, Mohsin Alvi and Deena Malaeb, will explore

Voters will consider new marijuana rules in nine states

Voters in nine states will decide next month whether to relax their laws governing medical or recreational marijuana use, with California potentially the most significant market. Four states — Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska, plus the District of Columbia — have already legalized recreational marijuana, and 25 states permit medical use. But this election has the potential to dramatically shift the conversation because so many Americans live in those nine states where relaxation measures are being considered. California and its approximately 40 million residents represent a potential tipping point for a country where marijuana remains completely illegal at the federal level. Californi

Scientists unveil structure of human cannabinoid receptor

Humans have been smoking marijuana for thousands of years, but scientists haven't yet nutted out the molecular nitty-gritty of its effects. But thanks to biologists from the US and China, who determined the clearest picture yet of the human cannabinoid receptor CB1, we're a step closer to unravelling the effects of natural and synthetic psychoactive compounds. The receptor’s 3-D structure was published in Cell. CB1 receptors are embedded in the surface of many nerve cells, with the highest concentrations in the brain. So it’s no surprise that small molecules that target and lock onto the CB1 receptor, inspired by cannabinoid compounds, have been used to treat conditions such as chronic pain

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