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Former NFL Player Kyle Turley Advocates Cannabis as ‘Cure’ for COVID-19, Even After Warnings from Fe

Kyle Turley believes cannabis can cure COVID-19. Others, like the folks at the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission, aren’t convinced. Late last month, the agencies sent a letter to the former All-Pro offensive lineman’s company, Neuro XPF, telling it to stop promoting CBD products as a way of stopping the coronavirus pandemic. Turley seems to have found a way to comply with the order without backing down from his claims. As of this weekend, he says, Neuro XPF is no longer his company. Neither is the Shango chain of dispensaries, which has locations in Moreno Valley as well as Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Michigan. “In the recent days many of you have witnessed the resent

What Is CBC? We break it down

Cannabichromene, or CBC, is one of the lesser known components of cannabis. But, like its more famous cousins THC and CBD, it offers potenti

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