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July 7, 2015

Harry Pinsent is not blowing smoke when he says he’s a big supporter of Oregon’s now 5-day-old law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.


“I wanted to make a statement, basically,” says Pinsent, sitting in his Magic Mushroom/Oregon Gifts shop that sits just on the east side of Interstate 5. “It’s been illegal now for (years). It’s a plant. It should be legal. So, I did it as a protest.”


What the 72-year-old Pinsent did during the past six months was build what is perhaps the world’s largest doobie so he could put it on top of his shop for I-5 travelers to see.


No, it’s not really filled with pot, just made out of foam, chicken wire and cardboard. But the point of this joint is getting across, even if not everyone in this Douglas County town is exactly buzzing with delight over Pinsent’s display...

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