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Loud Cannabis Farm-to-Table Medical Marijuana Mobile Delivery App Launches



Loud Cannabis Farm-to-Table Medical Marijuana Mobile Delivery App Launches

The Green Exchange, Inc., the developer’s of “Loud Cannabis” (, the world’s first online portal and HIPPA compliant mobile app that connects growers to patients, announced the launch of their Patient Delivery Application.


“Loud Cannabis” is a free app that is now available for Android phones. The app uses patented technologies to allow patients to sign up with a farm collective, browse available inventory, purchase products, and arrange for immediate home delivery.


Loud is a one-stop-shop for all things Cannabis. The company says that they are a storefront connecting cultivators, manufacturers, and consumers in a fast, safe, and professional environment, and are committed to providing customers with the best flowers and derivative products available.


Loud is backed by The Green Exchange, a California collective. They are a group of family farms that grow medical marijuana. The company cares about preserving the small farm and protecting the environment.


This grassroots approach gives consumers better access to quality cannabis, the company says. There is no commitment or cost to sign up.


“This new app will empower farmers and give patients a direct connection to the source of their cannabis,” said Joshua Artman, Founder and CEO of The Green Exchange.  “When people buy food, they want to know its origin, freshness and quality. Now this ‘farm-to-table’ distribution model is available to help farmers connect with more people, and provide patients with fresh cannabis with integrity and transparency.”


Unlike other “delivery-service” apps that are hitting the market, Loud Cannabis was developed by farmers - for farmers, as well as for cannabis users who care about quality.


When a grower adds inventory into the Loud Cannabis app, it is simultaneously loaded into an Integrated Social Media (ISM) push platform, so that consumers can instantly see the latest product offerings via Twitter. This feature helps growers build their brand, increase the value of their products, and drive sales.


“Farmers may have collectives, but they had no efficient distribution network, until now,” Artman said. “We have developed the world’s first, easiest, and most efficient way to take farmers and connect them to patients anywhere in the state,” he added. “It’s a profoundly new way to do business, and can significantly improve distribution, while providing value to everyone in the cannabis eco-sphere.”


Artman says the response to Loud Cannabis has been overwhelmingly positive. “Our system benefits everyone that grows or uses medical marijuana,” he said. “We are like the best of Uber, eBay, and Twitter, all rolled into one.”


For more information, contact The Green Exchange at: 510-982-6052, or visit:


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