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Ohio Marijuana Legalization Puts Greed Above Weed



Ohio has got to have the worst marijuna legalization effort the world has ever seen. They want a monopoly that locks out independent owners, growers, distributiors, and sellers. They are run by outsiders that seem to be motivated only by greed.


Now, they have put back the legalization cause by years by introducing a mascot that appeals to children.


What were they thinking?


Marijuana industry professionals have been striving to move the perception of cannabis from stoner to acceptable, and are working hard each day to have the public and government officials take us seriously as responsible business men and women.


We even removed Tommy Chung from our national lobbying efforts because he represented a "stoner" and the industry wants to be perceived as respectable.


Now the wealthy outsiders and backers of Ohio's legalization effort have put a target on our backs - and make it seem that we are targeting children, because of their ill-thought and incredibly stupid mascot and travelling bus.


This is what happens when outsiders come into the cannabis industry, looking to make a fat profit.




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