President's Relatives Investing in Marijuana Farm!


Relatives of a former president is investing in the Butler County farm that will grow marijuana if Ohio voters approve a constitutional amendment to legalize the herb.


Brothers Woody Taft and Dudley Taft Jr., great-great-grandnephews of President William Howard Taft, are investing in a company that plans to farm marijuana on 40 acres in Middletown, Ohio.


Other investors include Paul Heldman, a former top lawyer at Kroger; Barbara Gould, a former design consultant and a prominent donor to the arts; and Nanette Lepore, a New York City fashion designer.


"As the father of a son living with epilepsy, I know first-hand what it's like to watch a loved one suffer when he could benefit from access to medical marijuana," Heldman said in a statement. "Until we legalize marijuana in Ohio and throughout our country, rigorous scientific research into its applications will not be possible and thousands, perhaps millions, of people will suffer needlessly."