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Rand Paul Holds Marijuana Fundraiser


Denver's Colorado Convention Center hosted two events on Tuesday that, in past years, would have seemed diametrically opposed. The larger event was the National Cannabis Industry Association's business summit and expo, and the smaller was a private fundraiser for presidential candidate Rand Paul.

Paul's closed-door event cost $2,700 to attend, and despite its curious venue choice, his campaign said it was a private fundraiser not officially affiliated with the expo. "Do we attract people there? Yes," a Paul aide told The Washington Post. "People know Rand's position on medical marijuana. People know his position on banking."

Paul believes the federal government shouldn't be conducting anti-marijuana activities in states that have legalized the drug, and he has said he would allow the marijuana industry to use the U.S. banking system (and, by extension, use traditional tax returns), which it is currently not allowed to do.


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