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Politician Wants to Ban Medical Marijuana in Montana

The rampant spread of ignorance and pot propaganda that expired at the end of Reagan Administration is still rampant throughout Montana, as rebels against the state’s medical marijuana program have made it their vile mission to outlaw its operation altogether.

The grey-haired mongrel working to revoke the rights of patients across the Treasure State is Senator David Howard, the Republican lawmaker infamous for his anti-gay Facebook posts, who plans to submit a bill in the state legislature this session aimed at slitting the throat of Montana’s medical marijuana program.

If passed, this destructive legislation would turn the lights out on the medical marijuana community by making cannabis, and any other drug currently classified a Schedule I controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Administration, a forbidden fruit in the state of Montana.

Interestingly, Howard’s desire to sabotage the thousands of patients enrolled in the program as well as the dispensaries that cater to their needs appears to be based on some self-righteous attempt to use the Controlled Substances Act to gain control over the state’s moral fiber.

The Republican lawmaker’s fully erect quest to assume total prohibition in Montana is undoubtedly based on the same bigoted philosophies that have allowed him to lash out against nearly every racial group and sexual orientation that is not white, American, and missionary position. It is for that reason that this legislation to ban medical marijuana will probably not gain enough support to remain among the living – at least, not for too long.

Senator Howard is working with Safe Montana, the organization led by the owner of a Billings car dealership, which attempted to snuff out the state’s medical marijuana program in 2014, but failed to collect enough signatures to get their initiative on the ballot. The group hopes that their latest campaign will be more successful in the state legislature than it was canvassing last year for public support.

Law enforcement officials say if Governor Steve Bullock would sign a law that puts an end to the state’s medical marijuana program, they would have no choice but to bring the hammer down on anyone who fails to comply, as well as force dispensaries to close. “I mean that's our job," Butte-Silver Bow Undersheriff George Skuletich told ABC FOX Montana.

Marijuana advocates say any such action would only serve to destroy the economic growth Montana has experienced since medical marijuana was legalized in 2004, not to mention drive patients back into the black market.

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