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Southern California Cannabis Cup 2015: Winner

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The Grammys weren’t the only awards ceremony over the weekend, as legendary counterculture magazine High Times opened up its annual series of Cannabis Cup events in Southern California.

So Cal’s finest glassware, flowers, and extracts were celebrated in the first of six domestic cup events scheduled this year. As the cannabis industries of vaporizers, concentrates, and medical products have grown exponentially over the years, so too has the amount of awards handed out in this year’s celebration.

The event kicks off Cup Season, with five more Cups slated for Denver, San Francisco, Portland, Michigan, and Seattle.


Best Hybrid Flower

1st Place – Wellness OG by The W.E.E.D. in Studio City

2nd Place – Orange Cookies by TLC Collective

3rd Place – 2010 Grizzly Genetics by Grizzly Genetics in collaboration with Patients Premium Collective

Best Indica Flower

1st Place – Kosher Kush by Greenwolf LA with Kush Company

2nd Place – Lorax OG by Lorax Labs from CannaSutra Collective

3rd Place – Dr. K’s Paris OG Kush by Cali Natural Collective

Best Sativa Flower

1st Place – Mango Tango by Elemental Seeds

2nd Place – Loud Berry Flower by Loud Seeds SL

3rd Place – Tangie by Dr. Greenthumb

Best CBD Flower

1st Place – V.C.D.C. from Moxie Seeds & Extracts

2nd Place – Vitamin CBD from Growers Guild

3rd Place – Vegan Buddha Milagro from Greenwolf LA with Vegan Buddha

Best Non-Solvent Hash

1st Place – Blissful Wizard by Incognigrow Farms

2nd Place - Cookies and Cream Cubantech Drysift by Exotic Genetix

3rd Place – Gluekie Monster Fresh Frozen Whole Plant True 73u (micron) by Trichome Heavy Extracts in collaboration with The Source Genetics

Best Sativa Concentrate

1st Place – Red Dragon Budder by Dabblicious Extracts

2nd Place – Space Jack by Apothecary Collective in collaboration with Imperial Extracts

3rd Place - Pineapple Lemonade Live Resin by Greenwolf LA with Loud Pack Extractions and Dabblicious

Best Indica Concentrate

1st Place – Lemon Walker OG by Gold Coast Extracts

2nd Place - Lemon Walker OG Budder by Gold Coast Collection

3rd Place – Crown OG Nug Run by Pissing Excellence

Best Hybrid Concentrate

1st Place – Lemon Bananas Budder by Dabblicious Extracts

2nd Place – Banangie Kosher by Greenwolf LA with Dabblicious

3rd Place – Lemon Cookies by Moxie Seeds & Extracts

Best CBD Concentrate

1st Place – Ringo’s Gift Super CBD Premium CO2 Oil by POP Naturals with WCHC

2nd Place – Ringo’s Gift #3 by Greenwolf LA with Loud Pack Extracts

3rd Place – CBD Simple CO2 Extractor by Cannavest

Best Booth

1st Place – Vader Extracts

2nd Place – B-Real / Dr. Greenthumb

3rd Place – Apothecary 420

Best Product

1st Place - Bongdom by Vader Extracts

2nd Place - Kingpen by Greenwolf LA

3rd Place - Kurupt’s Moonrocks by Kurupt’s Moonrock

Best Glass

1st Place – Vaderade By Evol Glass

2nd Place – Nexus Glass Halo by Nexus Glass

3rd Place – Platinum Barrel Recycler by Pulse Glass x Big Pizzle

Best Vaporizer

1st Place - 710KingPen by Kingpen & Greenwolf LA

2nd Place - CloudV by CloudV

3rd Place - OG Pen by Moxie Seeds & Extracts

Best Topical

1st Place – Honey Pot Bear Balm by Pure Joy Collective

2nd Place - Om Edibles Medicated Lavender Epsom Salts by Om Grown All Female Collective

3rd Place - Sextiva Vaginal Sexual Enhancement Oil by Innovative Extractions

Best Edible

1st Place – Reef Jerky by Badfish Extracts & Healthy Healing

2nd Place - Crème Brûlée 50 mg by Beezle’s Creamery with Beezle Extracts

3rd Place – Cali High Thai’d Ice Cream by Beezle’s Creamery

Best CBD Edible

1st Place – 350 mg CBD Fresh Mint Breath Spray by Bhang Chocolate

2nd Place – Canapa CBD Pizza Sauce 120 mg by Summit Health Remedies

3rd Place – B.A.M.F. CBD Bar by The W.E.E.D. Studio City

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