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Celebs Need to Get MJ Too!

Malibu City Council debates placing a marijuana dispensary in their oceanside community.

Mayor John Sibert said he was in support of medical marijuana dispensaries in Malibu, but is concerned with the placement of the dispensary.

“I understand there’s an ambiguity with what we’re dealing with here, and it worries me,” Sibert said. “I want to see us fix this, and fix it by making the ordinance work better and define it in a better way."

Sibert also paused to reflect on the larger issue of medical marijuana and the State of California.

“I am supportive of medical marijuana,” he said. “I think it makes sense and I think we’ll eventually pass laws making it legal.”

Then, celebrities won't have to sneak around to get their bud. They could just walk to the nearest MJ store with the fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean.

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