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Sage Analytics Unveils The Luminary™ Beacon at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo

Sage Analytics will introduce their newest system at a conference in Chicago later this month.

The revolutionary system represents the next generation of laboratory-grade potency measurement technology for cannabis products.

Unlike any other product on the market, the Beacon provides instant, on-the-spot feedback, and is expected to be a vital tool toward standardization in cannabis potency profiling, and accuracy in consumer information and labeling.

The Luminary™ Beacon is a small, portable desktop system that is simple to use in any location and requires little training to obtain on-site, instantaneous, laboratory-grade accurate measurement of THC, CBD, and CBN.

Unlike gas chromatography (GC) or high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), the Luminary™ Beacon uses optical spectroscopy (light) to instantly measure the potency of cannabis products at the molecular level.

Spectroscopy offers a number of distinct advantages over alternative methods: It is portable and can be used virtually anywhere, it is easy to use and requires just minimal training to become proficient, requires no toxic chemicals for preparation or analysis, and it leaves the sample intact for future use.

Spectroscopy is used by the world’s top pharmaceutical companies and is FDA approved technology for real time measurement during the prescription and over-the-counter drug production process. Spectroscopy based measurements save time, money and resources, and can limit variations that can arise from sample handling and processing in chromatography methods.

The Luminary™ Beacon provides fast, repeatable and accurate data collection every time.

The ingenious system can be used to generate CannaMetric™ Profile results, which can be printed directly from the Luminary readings onto a specially designed label or receipt, and will list the percentages of THC, THCA CBD, CBDA and CBN contained in the tested samples.

The Luminary™ Beacon and CannaMetric™ Profile make it possible for everyone in the cannabis eco-sphere to easily verify the potency of many cannabis products. Extractors,

manufacturers, growers, labs, consumers, law enforcement and regulators can now get instant feedback and potency verification.

Sage Analytics will be at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, booth A1515. To see a demonstration of the Luminary™ Beacon and CannaMetric™ Profile, please call now for an appointment: 720-282-4550.

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