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Santa Ana Police and their Really, Really Bad Behavior

They dismantled surveillance cameras (the ones they found) and donned black masks to conceal their identity, then had fun playing darts and eating marijuana-infused edibles... during a bust!

A police raid of Sky High Holistic, an unlicensed marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana, California, was caught on the shop's surveillance cameras, and the footage doesn't look good. Matthew Pappas, the attorney for the shop, says the video shows officers eating marijuana-laced edibles and mistreating the disabled manager.

According to Pappas, who shared edited footage of the raid with KTLA-TV, officers intimidated manager Marla James, an amputee who uses a wheelchair.

The tape apparently captures an officer laughing at James and saying "I was about to kick her in her fucking nub."

Santa Ana Police Commander Chris Revere says the department is conducting an internal investigation of the incident.

Take a look at the video from KTLA-TV News:

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