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Loud Cannabis Awarded Top New Marijuana App, then Booted off Google Play

Users can still access popular farm-to-table marijuana delivery service

through mobile-compatible website.

The Green Exchange, Inc., the developer’s of “Loud Cannabis” (, the world’s first HIPAA compliant mobile app that connects marijuana growers directly to patients, announced today that their app was removed from Google Play – the tech giant’s app download center.

Ironically, the expulsion from Google came just days after Loud Cannabis received an award for “Best New Marijuana App” from CannaNews.

The app had a flurry of new downloads after the award was announced, and company executives believe that the increased activity may have stimulated Google’s scrutiny. The app was initially approved by Google and had been available for download for months before it was pulled.

“We were told that Google won’t support apps that encourage illegal activity,” Joshua Artman, Founder and CEO of The Green Exchange and developer of the Loud Cannabis app said. “However, we operate only in California, where medical marijuana is legal,” he added. “Furthermore, we believe that patient’s right to access medicine has been obstructed by this decision.”

The California Patient’s Bill of Rights states that patients “have the right to receive uninterrupted care” and that people with an acute or chronic condition must receive a 90-day prior notice of intent to discontinue service.

Loud Cannabis is the only HIPAA-Compliant medical marijuana delivery system on the market, and accordingly, Artman believes that this decision by Google was ill-advised and will be reversed upon appeal.

The Loud Cannabis app was created to provide a safer and smarter alternative to other delivery services. The architecture behind the app provides patient record security, and requires growers and dispensary owners to use their own drivers, not a random 3rd party delivery service, where background checks are rarely enforced.

“We will stand up for the rights of our patients and will do everything in our power to get our app returned to the market,” Artman said. “In the meantime, all functionality can be accessed through our mobile-compatible website, at:

For more information, contact The Green Exchange at: 510-982-6052, or visit:

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