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New Cannabis Compliance Software Makes a Splash

Designed to be the FICO Score of the Marijuana Industry

CannaScore announced that its patented cannabis compliance auditing system is now available.

The program walks a certified inspector through a series of questions and will flag areas that are potentially out of compliance with state regulations. Currently, CannaScore is operational in Colorado, Washington and Oregon; with Nevada, Maryland and other states to follow.

The program also produces an overall score, which can be used to help judge business performance and help protect from unwarranted raids or investigations from law enforcement and regulators.

“This is a powerful, one-of-a-kind program, developed specifically for the cannabis industry,” Justin Jones, co-founder of CannaScore stated.

The system can be licensed and run by qualified consulting companies nationwide, and is designed to be used like a FICO or Dun & Bradstreet Score.

CannaScore is very useful to investors, bankers, insurance agents, realtors and property owners, to help them weigh the benefits and risks that are unique to the industry. For the licensed facility, CannaScore helps them avoid fines, closure, leasing disputes, and other business setbacks.

“Cannabis is becoming mainstream, and several critical factors are now happening simultaneously that impact everyone in the industry,” Jones stated. “Lenders and investors are pouring into the market and looking for the best opportunities; regulators and enforcement officers are inspecting dispensaries, growers and producers with greater regularity; customers are demanding more consistent products; and legislators are rewriting rules in key cannabis states. For those reasons and more, Canna-Score is the single solution that provides clarity and compliance for everyone in the cannabis eco-sphere.”

CannaScore meets state audit procedures with real time reports, photos and reminders that simplify the otherwise arduous audit process. CannaScore identifies areas of concern, and allows business owners to take corrective action, before problems ensue.

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