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Sage Analytics Completes Final Round of Data Validation for New Testing Systems

Sage Analytics (, the developers of a new generation of laboratory-quality cannabis potency measurement systems, announced today the completion of their data collection and final application modeling of a highly anticipated, advanced cannabis potency testing system.

The Luminary™ Profiler and the Luminary™ Beacon incorporate Sage Analytics’ proprietary predictive models, which were developed in conjunction with premier laboratories as well as the university that is the federal marijuana research lab. Because the marijuana industry has grown beyond simply selling buds, Sage has developed these systems for use in other product types as well, such as extracts and hash.

The systems are designed by Prozess Technologie, a sister company to Sage, and uses the science of spectroscopy to measure at the molecular level. This is the same technology utilized at nearly 20 of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies where Prozess is installed today. The same rigors that work in the highly-regulated pharmaceutical industry have been incorporated into Sage’s devices to instantly measure the potency of cannabis products, then generate a verification label with precise percentages of key constituents, such as THC, CBD, and their respective acids.

(To view a demonstration of the Luminary Profiler, click here).

“We have gone to great lengths to test, re-test and verify that the devices meet our high standards for an affordable, convenient measurement device for the cannabis industry,” said Dr. Chad Lieber, chief scientist and co-founder of Sage, and head of product development for Prozess Technologie. “In a few weeks, we will begin delivering these devices to select customers around the world.”

The Luminary™ Profiler and the Luminary™ Beacon are portable and provide instant, repeatable results, making them ideal for use anywhere in the cannabis chain: from growing, to producing, to dispensing. Additionally, the units are excellent for labs wishing to increase their throughput.

“We believe these systems will be game-changers for the industry,” Lieber commented. “They provide confidence, so anyone can instantly determine or verify cannabis potency using this highly accurate and well-regarded testing methodology.”

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