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World's First Online Marijuana Store and Auction

The Green Exchange, Inc. (, has launched the world’s first online marijuana store. This innovative portal allows dispensaries or collectives to view available cannabis inventory, connect with growers, make purchases direct from the farm, or place a bid via a unique online auction platform.

The Green Exchange is free to use, and there are no contracts, fees or obligations. Dispensary owners or managers are invited to visit the website and try it out.

The new system also provides an automatic social media notification, so when a dispensary obtains cannabis, a message can automatically be sent to the dispensary’s Twitter and Facebook followers, notifying them that a new selection of cannabis is available.

In this regard, the website also functions as a sales and marketing tool that gets the word out to dispensary patients and potential patients – all free of charge.

The Green Exchange was developed by a group of cannabis industry veterans, who have been growing in Mendocino County for over 10 years.

“We think it’s important for everyone to know that we are not Wall Street outsiders or Silicon Valley Executives, looking to make a fast buck in the marijuana industry,” said Joshua Artman, Co-Founder and CEO of The Green Exchange, Inc. “We get our hands dirty everyday. We know how to grow a quality product. And now, through an innovative, web-based system, we are able to offer this product directly to dispensaries, with no middleman or markup.”

The website also features lab test results, with verified potency levels on each lot of cannabis, and a Job Board for dispensaries wishing to expand their footprint and hire drivers in new territories.

Another key feature of The Green Exchange is that it can be configured to deliver product directly to the dispensary’s patients. This unique add-on allows dispensaries to inventory what they want, or simply elect to have the product delivered directly to their patients, providing great convenience to all parties.

“Just look at the many advantages of purchasing cannabis through The Green Exchange,” Artman said. “The service provides farm-fresh medical marijuana to dispensaries direct from the farmer with no middleman markup. After a purchase, the cannabis is marketed to patients and potential patients. The strains all are tested and have potency verification. Delivery to patients can be included. The developers are local Mendocino farmers. The service helps dispensaries grow. And, it’s free. What could be better than that?”

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