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Marijuana Technology Company Receives 2nd Round Funding

Company has proprietary online and app technologies

that change the way legal marijuana is purchased and sold.

The Green Exchange, Inc., the developers of “Big Green Exchange” – the nation’s only certified online medical marijuana auction site; and “Loud Cannabis” – the world’s first HIPAA compliant Farm-to-Table marijuana delivery service, announced today that the company received its second round of funding.

The capital will be used to complete the build out of technology, which is now available only in California, and make it applicable to every state with a legal cannabis program, including Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

The company received the funding from a group of private investors.

The Green Exchange was founded by a unique collaboration between cannabis farmers and technology developers in Northern California in order to provide growers and dispensaries with direct access to each other; and dispensaries and collectives with better access to patients statewide through efficient delivery services and built-in social media outreach.

Funding Will be Utilized to Begin Technology Build Out for All Legal Cannabis States

“We are pleased to have received our new round of funding so that we can now take our innovative, patented technologies and adapt them for the specific requirements of each state with legal medical or adult-use marijuana,” said Joshua Artman, Founder and CEO of The Green Exchange. “Our company improves the cannabis experience for everyone in the industry, including growers, producers, collectives, dispensaries, patients and consumers, by providing direct access to farm-fresh, pesticide-free, organic cannabis, through an online interface or mobile app.”

The company recently exhibited at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo, where it took in a record number of one-day signups, and was widely considered the “hit” of the show.

The company expects to begin a third and final round of funding to facilitate further expansion within the next several months.

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