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CannaScore Named Top New Technology for Cannabis Industry

What do you get when you team group of cannabis industry veterans with a bunch of hot technology developers? The answer is CannaScore - the world’s first real-time compliance software for the marijuana industry, and the winner of our 2015 “Top New Technology for the Cannabis Industry” Award.

The insightful and intuitive program walks a certified inspector through a series of questions and will flag areas that are potentially out of compliance or need fine-tuning. The program sifts through virtually every area of a business, and identifies areas that are running smoothly, while red-flagging sources of potential violations and opportunities for improvement.

CannaScore is pre-programmed with state-specific regulations and up-to-date rules for most states with legal medical or recreational marijuana.

The program not only helps keep a cannabis-based business compliant and operating smoothly, but also produces an overall score – like a FICO score - which can be useful to bankers, landlords, investors and potential business partners when evaluating the company.

Since the score is impartial and cannot be altered by the business owner, a high score may also provide some degree of protection from unwarranted raids or investigations from law enforcement and regulators. While the score is an accurate representation of a business, it can be can be raised by acting upon the system’s recommendations in a timely manner.

CannaScore also meets state audit procedures with real time reports, photos and reminders that simplify an otherwise arduous audit process.

In an industry filled with a myriad of complex regulations that vary state-to-state, CannaScore is a powerful tool to help any marijuana business improve operations and stay compliant, and could well become the standard in an industry that need cohesion and consistency.

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