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Entrepreneur of the Year

Greg Gamet - Entrepreneur of the Year

In an industry filled with entrepreneurs and innovators, Greg Gamet is the man with the golden touch. He has emerged as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry.

With more than twenty years of experience in business development, investor relations, and all things cannabis, Gamet is well-versed with the myriad of regulations that govern the industry, and works closely with Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) to develop compliance standards and tracking systems.

Gamet has co-founded several ventures that have established him as an innovative leader in the cannabis industry. His ventures include DANK Colorado – one of the first medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries in Denver; Kush Bottles Colorado – the market leader in child resistant packaging for the industry; Denver Consulting Group – providing training and support to cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide; and CannaScore – a software development company that created an audit application that simplifies the process of assuring compliance with state regulations.

In addition, Gamet also runs Elm Properties, a real estate management and construction company that owns, builds out, and operates commercial facilities for cannabis businesses.

Gamet is also a frequent speaker on the trade show circuit and an in-demand expert for media reports and articles.

Lastly, Gamet is a well-regarded cultivator, and with his retail grow license, produces some of Colorado’s most innovative and sought-after strains.

He is not only a jack-of-all-trades, but he is a master at them all… making him a rare and inspiring leader, mentor, innovator and entrepreneur.

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