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Cannabis as an Aphrodisiac

By now you’ve probably heard that weed can be a fantastic aphrodisiac. From its use in ancient tantric rituals to modern-day mating, it’s even been nicknamed “nature’s Viagra.”

But if you’re like many young people, your only exposure to the sticky-icky has been in college or at parties, where you’ve smoked other people’s joints and hit off other people’s bongs. So, if you live in a state where pot is legal, how do you bring weed into the bedroom if you’re not sure how to get the green stuff from the bag into your body without just eating it? (Please, don’t do that.)

Let our beginner’s guide lead the way. Before we start, remember: Never ever dose your partner without his or her consent. Pot in the bedroom should be a joint experience. No pun intended.

First, clear your mind and get in the moment Before using cannabis with your partner, it’s important to get into the right (chill) headspace. “No matter the method or strain of cannabis used, the real key to its implementation is the individual’s intention that they bring to the experience,” said Kami Lennox, who is researching the effects of cannabis on sex with well-known sexologist Nick Karras.

“The high of cannabis allows its user to slow down and become more mindful, thus enabling the sexual exchange to become less goal-oriented and more about the present sexploration process.”

Mellow mindset? Check. Now onto the basics.

The two most important things to understand when it comes to sex and weed are strain and dose. Karras, the sexologist, recommends a sativa or hybrid mix for peak intimacy. Why? Sativas create euphoric, happy, energetic feelings.

When ordering (legally, of course), never be afraid to speak up and ask for a good sex strain! Some popular ones are Lavender Trainwreck, Cinderella, and Super Lemon Haze.

Also, bear in mind that everyone reacts differently. “I’ve been finding that people with ADHD, they prefer the indica strains,” said Karras. Indica is generally associated with mellow, sedated highs—the weed that puts you to sleep—but may work as an aphrodisiac for some.

One last tip? “Many first time users of cannabis find themselves overwhelmed by the experience and never give it another try,” said Lennox. “Practice is key.”

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