Introducing the New Face of Agriculture

October 28, 2016

GrowPod has developed what may be the world's finest automated farms.


A GrowPod™  is a highly engineered modular agricultural production environment:  The results are a significantly higher yield in a shorter time than all other production methods. With GrowPod™, it is now possible to grow almost anything, anywhere.


GrowPod Solutions is a technology company that is providing these new, highly integrated systems that provide optimum growing environments for a variety of foods and cash crops. The systems are custom developed to maximize yield, and fine-tuned for each crop. From tomatoes to cannabis, the GrowPod allows both the seasoned grower and the newcomer with absolutely no growing experience, to cultivate and harvest a bounty of crops - with yields that surpass other growing methods.


GrowPods can be outfitted with a proprietary, self-contained stainless steel rack system, which can contain any number of vertical production and propagation levels. The number of levels is determined by the height requirements of the crop being produced. Each level of the GrowPod rack system contains an appropriate number of crop-specific LED fixtures.


By combining these custom wavelength combinations, the LED lights in the GrowPod™ container can alter the photosynthesis response allowing controllable, predictable and more robust growth, resulting in higher yields in a shorter period of time than conventional production methods.

The processes of GrowPod™ container production are controlled and monitored by a specially designed and developed PC-based sensor and control system, allowing monitoring 24/7 from any device. With this technology, growers can monitor and adjust growing conditions inside their pod from anywhere in the world, using a mobile device or computer.


Grow Pod Solutions can offer the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry an affordable, high-yield, self-contained cultivation system, that can be located virtually anywhere.


Now growers and entrepreneurs looking to get into the cannabis sector, can obtain virtually everything they need in a turnkey system that has been designed to produce the highest quality strains in the quickest time possible.


GrowPods offer faster harvest, automated plant care, higher yields, and better cannabinoid profiles.


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