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Jim McMahon campaigns for legalizing marijuana in Arizona ad

Jim McMahon, has appeared in a political advertisement supporting legalizing marijuana in Arizona.

The former Bears quarterback, who lives in Scottsdale, has said he has used marijuana to treat severe headaches and other lingering effects from his NFL playing days. He has been a longtime advocate for expanding the drug's access.

"When I had my first injury, that's when I used my first painkiller and I was using them daily pretty much the rest of my career. It takes its toll; taking too many of those things," he says in the ad for Proposition 205.

"Once I retired I got rid of those, I moved out here to Arizona, I got my medical card, I've been using marijuana ever since. Someone like me can afford to be a medical marijuana patient, but others aren't so lucky. Marijuana should be available to all adults who need it. I'm voting yes on Prop 205 and hope you will too."

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