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Las Vegas: Sin City Adds Another Vice

Nevada’s famous Las Vegas “Sin City” is known for its tolerance of taboo activities, and now they can add recreational marijuana to their list of vices available in the city! Medicinal cannabis was legalized on November 7th, 2000, but the first medical marijuana dispensaries were not opened until the summer of 2015. Initiative Petition 1, which legalized marijuana use for anyone over the age of 21, was passed on November 8th 2016.

Cannabis was decriminalized in Nevada, but now is entirely legal for adults. This means that the penalties for possession and distribution are greatly reduced from what they are in other parts of the country.

In 2013, more than a decade after voters approved a medical marijuana initiative, the Nevada Legislature finally voted in favor of safe, regulated access to medical cannabis. In addition to allowing medical cannabis dispensaries, the revised law provides protections for some out-of-state patients and increases cultivation and possession limits. Unfortunately, it also prohibits some patients from growing their own medicine.

NOTE: Nevada is slightly stricter about cause for DUI charges. While the rest of the West Coast has set a legal limit of 5 Nanograms/mL of blood, in Nevada it is 2 Nanograms/ml. Also, cultivation of marijuana without a medical card is a felony.

There are many steps to getting a medical marijuana card in Vegas. First, you need to fill out and mail a registry request along with a check or money order for $25.00 made payable to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health. Second, you must to get approval from a Nevada Licensed Physician.

For more information visit the Nevada Department of Health website or contact them using the information below:

Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health ATTN: Medical Marijuana Program – Cardholders/Caregivers 4150 Technology Way, Suite 104 Carson City, Nevada 89706 Contact Phone No.: 775-687-7594 Fax No.: 775-684-4156

Can I get my Medical Marijuana if I am not a Nevada Resident?

Yes. Out-of-state residents may obtain a medical marijuana card in Nevada if they meet all of the following conditions:

  • The non-resident has a valid, non-expired medical marijuana card from his/her home state, and

  • The non-resident’s home state exempts cardholders from criminal prosecution for medical marijuana use, and

  • The law of the non-resident’s home state requires that physicians advise patients that medical marijuana use may help their symptoms as a precondition to the state issuing patients a medical marijuana card, and

  • The non-resident’s home state maintains a database through which Nevada authorities may verify his/her card’s validity. (NRS 372A)

Note that the non-resident must abide by Nevada’s rules regarding quotas for possessing medical marijuana. It is irrelevant whether his/her home state allows cardholders to possess more medical marijuana than Nevada does.

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