Nominate the Best in the Cannabis Industry!

February 1, 2017

Here is your chance to nominate the best in the cannabis industry. The CannaNews Awards are given out each year to the most outstanding people and organization in the legal marijuana industry. We acknowledge the hard work, dedication, perseverance and innovation of the individuals and companies that are making a difference and helping move the industry forward. 


Our nomination process is simple (if you follow these easy steps):


1. Review the categories below


2. Nominate someone for any of the categories. You do not have to nominate in every category. Pick as many or as few of the categories as you'd like.


3. EMAIL us your nominations at:


4. Be sure to include your NAME and COMPANY in your email.


5. Only ONE vote per person. Duplicate nominations will be discarded. 


6. Nominations Due by March 1, 2017


7. Winners will be announced throughout the year



2017 CannaNews Awards Nomination Categories


1. Best Dispensary


2. Cannabis Executive of the Year


3. Cannabis Activist of the Year


4. Best Cannabis Marketing


5. Cannabis Compliance Executive of the Year


6. Best Vaporizer


7. Best Technology


8. Best Indoor Grow Operation


9. Best Outdoor Grow Operation


10. Best in Sustainability


11. Best Packaging


12. Best App


13. Best in Consumer Awareness


14. Best Medical Advancement


15. Best Event


16. Cannabis Entrepreneur of the Year


17. Best Extract


18. Best Flower


19. Best Edibles


20. Best Vape Pen Cartridges


21. Cannabis Woman of the Year


22. Best Cannabis Advertising Agency


23. Best Innovation


24. Cannabis Industry Most Valuable Player (MVP)


EMAIL your nominations to: Be sure to include Your Name and Company Name, or your Nominate will be discarded.










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