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Cannabis Compliance Executive of the Year

Running a successful cannabis business requires many talents, including leadership, financial acumen, the ability to innovate, a focus on customer satisfaction, and hiring the right people to help build your brand. However, none of these will get you past the starting gate if your business isn't compliant with the myriad of state and local regulations.

Nothing will shut down a company faster that a lack of compliance, but understanding this legal jargon and putting procedures into place that assure that your business is adhering to the plethora of rules, is a very difficult challenge.

No one has done more to help cannabis businesses stay compliant than Greg Gamet.

Gamet is the partner in several companies that focus on cannabis compliance, each in a different and unique way.

The company he co-founded, Denver Consulting Group, helps newcomers enter the industry and assists existing businesses with improving their operations.

By creating a book of Standard Operating Procedures, and then training staff and implementing those procedures, Gamet takes managers and employees step-by-step on how to do everything in a cannabis business. And we mean everything.

From opening the door in the morning and turning on the lights, to logging in employees, to the location of security cameras, to inspection of child-resistant packaging, to the size of doors to a grow room or the training on a seed-to-sale tracking system, Gamet goes through each detail to assure that any cannabis business is running a smooth, and compliant operation.

Gamet is also a co-founder of Dank in Colorado, one of the state's most honored and respected medical and recreational dispensaries. This is where Gamet gained some of his first hand knowledge about the cannabis industry. Dank is a vertically integrated company, and Gamet became expert in cultivation and how to manage a thriving legal grow operation; as well as in medical and recreational sales, and the many facets of running a dispensary.

He also is a founder and the chief inspiration behind CannaScore, a company that has developed a very unique software program and app that simplifies the compliance process, and allows cannabis business owners to conduct routine "tests" to measure their adherence and generate a score. This score is also useful to bankers, investors, and landlords, as they demonstrate that the business is operating within the state's legal framework.

"I am very happy and humbled to have been acknowledged with this award," Gamet said. "I believe that everyone in the cannabis industry needs to understand that our very existence is a gift of sorts. It wasn't that long ago that growing and selling cannabis was illegal. Now as the caretakers of this new industry, we must all make certain that we are good corporate citizens and abide by the regulations, which not only protect the product and the public, but also safeguard the future of this industry for ourselves and for generations to come."

Gamet has consulted with hundreds of cannabis businesses, helped applicants secure licenses, and has been instrumental in providing the tools and techniques that not only help marijuana businesses stay compliant, but in doing so, he helps them thrive.

Congratulations to Greg Gamet, our 2016 Cannabis Compliance Executive of the Year.

Greg Gamet Cannabis Compliance Executive of the Year

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