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Eureka Vapor Wins Best Concentrate Award

Eureka Vapor is the Winner of our Best Concentrate of the Year. In our ongoing search for the best products in the cannabis industry, we most enjoy the concentrate category. While there are many products flooding the market, most of them are easily dismissed because they are extracted using inferior processes that can infuse dangerous chemicals and additives to the final product.

Eureka Vapor, with distribution in California and Colorado, was one of the first companies to utilize Super Critical CO2 extraction, which uses only highly filtered carbon dioxide to produce the purest concentrate possible. They produce several blends, including Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and Clear strains, including a new CBD variety.

Eureka Vapor has perfected the CO2 process, and uses high diffusion rates to penetrate solids faster than liquid solvents. This painstaking process allows Eureka to isolate only the purest essence of the botanical. The result is pure, transparent, amber oil.

The company also sells a vape pen that recently won the Local Sesh Best Vape Pen Award of 2016. It does everything a vape pen should: Smooth draws, and it works consistently and reliably.

The company also won "Best CO2 Concentrate" at Hempcon 2015, and their products have only gotten better since then.

Eureka's oils have a balanced flavor profile and no residual aftertaste or metal-like tone that is common with other concentrates. The oils simply taste natural, pure and delicious.

If you are looking for a wonderful experience, we strongly recommend you try some of the ultra pure products from Eureka Vapor. You'll be glad you did.

Eureka Vapor Best Concentrate of the Year

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