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Cannabis Television Commercial Hits the Airwaves

Eureka Vapor (, purveyors of award-winning natural cannabis concentrates, just launched their new television commercial now running in several major markets. The thought provoking campaign encourages people to rediscover the beauty of humanity.

The commercial was conceived, written and produced by the Innovation Agency ( - who is well-known for their expertise in the cannabis sector, and the creative force behind some of the best-known and successful brands in the industry.

The agency and its team have also worked with some of the largest companies in the world, including: AT&T, Hyundai, Toyota Motors, Nestle’s, Volkswagen, American Express, Gateway Computers, Avis, Loews Hotels, Walgreen’s and Disney.

The commercial asks viewers to “discover” more noble aspects of life.

Since many television stations do not accept cannabis advertising, the agency helped mitigate this challenge by coming up with a concept that promotes the brand without ever showing the actual product.

“We wanted to create a commercial that captures the essence of the brand,” said Randall Huft, President and Creative Director of Innovation Agency. “Eureka stands for inclusion, acceptance and love. They want to promote mutual respect and understanding, and the discovery of the beauty and individuality of each human.”

The “Discover Eureka” commercial will be running in Los Angeles, San Diego, and other markets.

To see the commercial, visit:

Discover Eureka Television Commercial

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