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420 Editorial by America's "Pitbull of Pot"

Ice Cream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Ahhhh… ice cream. A frosty treat that’s perfect on a hot summer day - or anytime, really! This delicious frozen delight is one of America’s number one dessert choices and like America, one of the most magnificent things about ice cream is its diversity. It is truly remarkable all the different varieties and flavors available today, and the opportunity that exists to create something that suits your unique tastes - the freedom of culinary expression, if you will.

Now imagine that one sunny day, I decide to enjoy an ice cream with the kids. While waiting in line to order, we each decide on a flavor. Daughter number one wants strawberry, the second one wants something called Smurf, and I’m craving chocolate and vanilla with cookie dough and brownie mixed in. The man behind the counter asks for our order, and when we convey our wishes, he politely answers, “Sorry, but none of those flavors are available any longer.”

Surprised, I ask, “Are you sold out of those flavors today?”

“Oh, no sir” he responds. “It’s not that. Unfortunately, all of those flavors are now prohibited. The federal government, in a joint venture with the FDA, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol, has just recently purchased and taken control of all of the United States ice cream operations.

Apparently, sir,” he continues, “the federal government feels it knows what ice cream is best for us citizens, so as directed by law, the only flavors of ice cream that can be purchased legally from now on are Synthetic Vanilla, Rum Raisin, Coffee, Nicotine, Wine, Mixed Spirits, Hops and Barely, and Opiate Crunch.”

Sounds ridiculous, right? Now imagine for a moment that instead of ice cream, we’re talking about medicine, recreational substances, and the freedom to choose what we put into our own bodies. This is how the federal government treats cannabis.

I scream for justice on this issue – and you should too. When is enough, enough? When will we stop the madness?

Here’s some fake news for you: Marijuana is not medicine, and good people don’t use it. Although this is what the federal government would have you believe, it’s completely false. Truth be told, The United States Government knows beyond all doubt that marijuana is medicine and that it is good for your body. In fact, they own the rights to patents claiming exactly that (check out US Patent 6630507).

Nevertheless, the government continues to lie directly to its citizens and suppress the truth about the healing properties of the plant. Why? A big part of the reason is to protect special interest groups and corporations whose profits are threatened by the cannabis industry – profits that come from pushing prescription medications, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

Forget ice cream, this is the tip of the disgusting iceberg. The real problem with cannabis is the intentional misinformation disseminated by our own government. It’s politics as usual, kowtowing to corporate greed, social bias, and discrimination, creating social injustice and a host of civil rights and human rights violations that follow.

My fellow Americans, aren’t you disturbed and concerned about a government that so blatantly lies to you in light of the truth? Aren’t you infuriated to know that these lies impose suffering on millions of Americans, at the country’s expense and at the personal and financial well-being of our own citizens?

I am disgusted, and it’s all very distasteful, like being force fed pistachio ice cream when you are allergic to nuts. Truthfully, with all that I have learned regarding the prohibition of marijuana, I am sick to my stomach.

Cannabis prohibition is a civil rights violation, a human rights violation, as well as medical discrimination. The prohibited market funds terrorism, drug cartels and organized crime. By creating a legal market, the government and state municipalities can benefit while reducing revenue streams to these detrimental groups. Cannabis prohibition is counterintuitive to everything we stand for as Americans.

You want to “Make America Great Again”, President Trump? Then among your many plans, why don’t you restore some of our personal freedoms as Americans? Give us the power to choose our own medicine, let alone less toxic euphoria. If you and the American public have grown tired of business as usual and wish to do things more constructively, you must admit the truth that marijuana is medicine. Recognize marijuana as medicine, and allow for a responsible adult-use industry market as a part of the American free market economy. Give these rights back to the American citizens. Stop making criminals out of cannabis users.

As a government and as a people, we must acknowledge the fact that cigarettes and alcohol kill scores of people daily. Although these products may be legal, they are far from safe. Cannabis is a safe and effective medicine, far less toxic than many prescription medications, and it offers a less toxic euphoric alternative to alcohol.

Marijuana is competition to several large industrial groups that stand to lose a lot of money. Big Pharma, Alcohol and Tobacco have the most to lose, and accordingly, they fight the hardest against the legalization of marijuana. It’s ironic that these groups and our government act like they are protecting us – meanwhile, these products conservatively kill more than 500,000 Americans annually.

These special interests groups, however, do not represent the people of the United States of America. The vast majority of the country is in favor of both medicinal and recreational legalization. Whatever happened to democracy? To a government for the people, by the people? Grant us the freedom to choose cannabis as a society, put it in the hands of the people and when we elect to legalize it, assist in the establishment of a safe and responsible recreational market, as well as an affordable medical market.

Truthfully, anybody that has taken the time to understand cannabis can easily discern its value. One need only to study the history to find the trail of civil rights violations and lies told regarding the plant. The political exploitation and special interest manipulation are as clear as the science. I find it vehemently disturbing that our own government continues to deny the truth despite the overwhelming evidence.

The truth is coming out, and we the people have got the facts on our side. How long will our politicians pretend differently? Marijuana is not increasing opiate use, it is decreasing it! Marijuana use does not increase violence. Please stop with the lies! Please return honor to America and honor the truth. Its already such a shame we are not the land of the free anymore, and that our most basic civil rights have been suspended.

Now is the time that “We the People” need to stand up and scream for justice! All of us need to scream loud enough for our elected representatives to hear us as one united voice. Forget your political party, forget your religious view, forget your race, forget your gender, and forget your sexual preference. Remember, we are one nation, indivisible. Our country was founded on the concept of freedom, and grew to recognize certain inalienable rights among its citizens - namely Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

This is a call to action. This is a right-to-choose issue, and if you take issue with the federal government trying to dictate what you do with your own body, or what course of medical action you’re allowed, you must stand for cannabis. If you reject the government’s attempts to dictate who you can love and assemble with, you must stand with cannabis. If you have ever been discriminated against, or are appalled by the disparity in the civil justice system, you must stand with cannabis. If you agree that it would be ridiculous for the government to dictate what flavor of ice cream you can choose… stand with cannabis!

It is for these reasons and more that I would like to declare the All-American Ice Cream Credo. I want it to be endorsed nationwide conceptually by people from every walk of life, and with it usher a new state of tolerance, acceptance and understanding. Restore a sense of mutual respect and dignity among each of us as individual Americans and as equals. Above all else, let us stand together and simultaneously do something for the greater good of our society as a whole. It reads allegorically as follows:

I respect you as an individual and I respect and support your right to choose what flavor is right for you. I realize your preference may not be my own and vice versa, but mutual respect and dignity must be the benchmark of the individual freedom of choice.

I do not want the federal government to impose restrictions upon you or I, regarding our individual right to choose what is best for each of us as individuals. As a citizen of the United States of America, I expect certain freedoms and inalienable rights, especially if I am not imposing or violating the civil rights of another citizen or human being.

And lastly, if any flavor on earth showcased as many healing properties and demonstrated so much positive interaction within our own bodies as the cannabis plant does, then certainly I believe it should be widely proliferated for the utility of the people, not prohibited.

I kindly ask for an end to the lies, the greed, and the injustice regarding cannabis prohibition.

Please stand beside me! Please, let us all stand together as Americans, as human beings, and as ice cream aficionados. Let us stand for truth and love. Let us scream for justice and let us stand for the principles, rights and individual freedoms on which America was founded in the first place.

420 Editorial by Alexander Nachman, America's "Pitbull of Pot"

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