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Country Music and Cannabis

Country music and cannabis goes together like peanut butter and jelly. Now, a recent study confirms that there are more cannabis references in country music than in rap or rock. Can you believe someone actually studied that? Yet, we dutifully report on this prestigious report's findings.

Turns out, country music really does cut tunes about weed, speed, and junk more than rappers and rockers, and some analysts went to the trouble to prove it.

In a study published on, data wizards reported that country stars sing more about marijuana than any other drug, but coke and meth are second and third runners-up.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, data scientist Logan Freedman said they found that "country music does have the most drug mentions and a lot of the country songs do speak about marijuana quite a bit."

Freedman and his collaborators had to do some sleuthing to figure all this out, reports Rolling Stone—they analyzed lyrics for euphemisms as well as overt references, searching for words and phrases "like addy, blow, molly, roxy and sizzurp."

Perhaps the most striking thing the study found is that those drug mentions have been declining over the last four years.

Freedman said their analyses found that all kinds of music are "really, really, straying away from mentioning drugs."

Country music cannabis

Nobody tell Willie, though. He remains the King—even Snoop Dogg says so.

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