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Rednecks in Oklahoma Love CBD

Sometimes people do the strangest things. Who would have thought that conservative rednecks in Oklahoma would be buying up record amounts of CBD? Course, it ain't for themselves... it's fer their pets and farm animals.

Pet owners and animal-rescue groups are turning to it. The cannabis plant comes in oil, treats and ointments.

Yep, it's CBD oil.

“We’ve been amazed to see all of what they do,” said Lisa Jensen, Safe Haven Animal Rescue board member and pet store owner.

“The hemp plant has trace amounts of THC,” Jensen said. “That's what makes it legal in the state of Oklahoma.”

Like for humans, Jensen said the oil works for a variety of health or anxiety problems. KOCO 5 has been told that the oil help pets battling cancer, skin problems and even storm anxiety.

“One of the main things we hear about is the cancer … starts to help stop the growth of tumors, helps with pain,” Jensen said. “Just in everyday life -- storm phobia, dogs that are terrified when storms come through.”

Jensen said she uses CBD oil for her own pets and the foster pets at Safe Haven Animal Rescue. Other pet parents are trying it out as well.

“In Oklahoma, we are just learning about a lot of this,” Jensen said.


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