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How to Buy $2 Million of Cannabis Online

We reported last May on the Big Green Exchange, and how dispensaries and manufacturers can now purchase top quality flower online through this new portal, dubbed "The eBay of Marijuana." Today, we noticed that lots that are selling in quantities that could retail for upwards of $2 million.

Of course, the wholesale price is much, much less... and that's the entire point of the Big Green Exchange - to provide wholesale flower to buyers looking for source material. The site is for businesses only... sorry, no consumers. And everything is above board and done in compliance with state regulations, which means if you are outside of California or working under the radar, this isn't the site for you. But if you are a legitimate business in need of quality cannabis, this site is just about the easiest way to get your hands on some pure Mendocino Gold.

Deliveries are made with a licensed distribution/delivery company, in accordance with new California regulations.

Owner Josh Artman says that his system is one of the easiest ways for buyers to get their hands on premium quality cannabis from Mendocino. "It can be difficult for each farmer to pack up a truck and drive to several dispensaries throughout the state," he said. "And it's especially difficult for manufacturers and dispensaries in Southern California to get their hands on a steady supply of the premium flower we grow up here in Mendocino County. But with the Big Green Exchange, it's really as easy as placing an online order. Press a button or two, and your cannabis is on it's way to you!"

So far, Artman has no serious competitors, and with the cost to develop the platform relatively high, the Big Green Exchange will probably remain the only game in town... at least for awhile.

But when big money comes sniffing around, it's only a matter of time before some serious corporate dollars takes the idea of online cannabis purchasing and blows it up nationwide, or at least, brings it to all legal states.

For more information, visit

The Big Green Exchange

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