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Seattle-Based Start-Up Secures Rights for Industrial Hemp Products From Thailand

Titan Hemp, a Seattle-based start-up that imports industrial hemp for use in manufacturing, announced that it has secured the exclusive global rights to market, sell and distribute virtually all industrial hemp originating in Thailand.

Through a partnership with True Hmong Global Distribution Ltd, a Thai company that has been granted exclusive permits by the Thai government to manage all farming and exports of the nation’s commercial industrial hemp, Titan has won exclusive rights to distribute the nation's hemp output, which will grow to over 1 million acres within the next 5 years.

Titan Hemp is under the leadership of Co-Founders Amy Ansel and Tanya Hart. Ansel comes from the computer industry and has been working in the cannabis sector exclusively for several years. Hart is a veteran of the wine industry and has expertise in sourcing and distribution.

The company reports that the industrial hemp, fiber and hurd from Thailand is grown to specific characteristics, making it ideally suited for fiber complex composites, bioplastics for car manufacturing, plastic composite replacements, and a wide range of industrial applications, including: carbon nano-sheets, building materials, high performance super capacitors, furnishings and high tech fabrics.

With their pipeline of almost one million acres of sustainable supply, Titan stands to become one of the largest global suppliers of industrial hemp.

The company also reports that they will begin developing hemp oils with high CBD concentrations in the near future.

Titan Hemp Thailand

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