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Orgasm Enhancing Cannabis

Sexxpot is an indica strain bred from Mr. Nice genetics that is said to have aphrodisiac qualities. The story of Sexxpot begins in the bedroom of its conceiver, who was inspired by the arousing qualities of her partner’s stash. Designed to contain lower levels of THC that fall around 14 percent, the idea behind Sexxpot is to provide a euphoric experience without overwhelming the consumer.

Aptly named “Sexxpot,” this indica strain is bred to have low THC levels (around 14 percent) that give the user a euphoric, but not overwhelming, experience. As an indica, Sexxpot should provide more of a body high, which not only would make is useful for treating pain, but also for allowing women to feel more in their bodies, and less cerebral, so they can orgasm during sex.

Designed by Karen Wagner, founder of Paradigm Medical Marijuana, Sexxpot is derived from another low-THC strain called Mr. Nice, and was packaged and branded, with an extra x, as an aphrodisiac weed for women. With less THC than other strains, Wagner said the strain puts women in a “sensual” headspace, enough to make the body more sensitive, but not enough to put them to sleep or get anxious.

However, not everyone agrees.

One reviewer on Leafly said, "Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. As a former pot grower I can say without any reservation that this is marketing bullshit. Imagine if you will starting from the notion "I want to make a pot that causes female orgasm" and using standard cross breeding (brushing pollen from selected males onto selected females and growing the plant to produce seeds, then planting those seeds, growing weed to bud, smoking it and testing it and then further crossing) the several thousand strains to choose from, magically producing a stable cross that does exactly what you want it to do, in a year! Amazing right? Bullshit. She just happens to be "a force in the industry" meaning the ability to market whatever bullshit she can come up with. Bullshit."

Our suggestion: Try some and decide for yourself!

Orgasm enhancing cannabis

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