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Cannabis-infused tea is our new favorite thing

You may already have heard of the Northern California cannabis company Kikoko—the femme-friendly brand has been making the media rounds thanks to its recent well-hatted brunch in Mill Valley.

But the woman-owned-and-operated business is more than just an outlet for hella chill hangouts. Started by Jennifer Chapin and Amanda Jones—two 50-something philanthropic powerhouses who seem unlikely trailblazers in the cannabis space—Kikoko offers precisely dosed teas with full transparency (you can read their lab testing results on their site).

Of the four available blends, three contain specific, balanced ratios of THC to CBD to help a litany of ailments, such as mending your mood swings or daily aches and pains.

The brand's Sensuali-tea (organic hibiscus, cardamom, rose) is the only purely THC offering, geared toward, well, you know.

Kikoko recommends steeping each sachet just once for 60 seconds before removing the bag. (Adding a fatty creamer to Kikoko's teas, too, will help with THC and CBD absorption.)

Go ahead, pour yourself a cup of happy.

Cannabis-infused tea is our new favorite thing

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