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Holiday Gift Guide

It's our favorite time of year! The time when we can give and receive our favorite gifts. This year, we've assembled an assortment of wonderful items that are sure to please. Pick up some of these today for your favorite people! Happy Holidays!

Kushed Candles

Turn the lights down, light some candles, and set a dreamy ambience with weed candles. Kushed Candles come in all flavors — plain cannabis, caramel cream, lavender, sandalwood, patchouli, and more — but contain no THC or CBD. Still they’re made from the plant’s natural essential oils, you'll enjoy a relaxing glow in your room that adds ambiance and aroma.

Everyone loves candles, and they make a perfect gift for men or women. Great stocking stuffers, too!


If you're looking for something really special, check out GENIFER M - the world's first high-end, luxury cannabis inspired jewelry. From beautiful sterling silver cannabis leaf necklaces, to their popular "Molecule" pendant, to incredible diamond and gemstone pieces, the jewelry at GENIFER M is all artisan created in their studio in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. These high quality pieces are sure to please any cannabis or jewelry lover. Check out their holiday specials for both men and women.

High Love Chocolate

With five milligrams of THC and five milligrams of CBD per dose, High Love infused chocolate by edible company 1906 is branded for sensuality and fun.

“Get lustful like never before,” the company boasts.

It’s made with a blend of damiana, catuaba, muira puama, yohimbe, vanilla, and other aphrodisiac botanicals from around the globe.

We just think they are oh so tasty!

Foria Pleasure

For a pleasurable experience, Foria Pleasure will make you tingle. It is a first of its kind all natural sensual enhancement oil thoughtfully designed for men and women, containing a blend of nourishing liquid coconut oil and lab-tested cannabis oil. Named the "Sex Product of the Year" by GQ. Apply it all over (it’s also edible) and it will change your sex life.

Testimonials have called it “the best thing since sliced bread” and have described the orgasms as “so good they should be illegal.”

Ojo De La Sol

Latina-owned company Oja De La Sol's sample set of body products lets you try out their beautifully packaged hemp-seed oil and bath salts without committing to pricey full-size items. Each product is made in small batches and combines cannabis with soothing ingredients from healing essential oils to hydrating coconut oil to anti-inflammatory turmeric that can help relax achey muscles and calm your tense body.

Golden State Greens

The Golden State Greens Collection is a premium sampler featuring the finest cannabis products available. All selections in their gift box are local, state or national cup award winners - recognized for consistency, potency, and an unparalleled user experience.

The Golden State Greens Collection is both exclusive and limited to the state of California.

Davinci IQ Vaporizer

This is simply one of the most intelligent vaporizers you will ever come across.

The IQ is the smallest and most sophisticated portable vaporizer unit in the DaVinci line.

Its unique design, ceramic air path, Smart Path technology and bluetooth app integration sets this vaporizer unit out from the rest.

No matter what you are - a vaping newbie, on-the-go user or a flavor connoisseur - the IQ is the ideal vaporizer for you or a friend.

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