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Phoenix man forced to eat marijuana by police settles suit

A Phoenix man who says he was forced by police to eat marijuana or go to jail has settled a lawsuit against the city for $100,000.

The Phoenix City Council approved the settlement.

Edgar Castro was pulled over for speeding in September 2016 and police officers reported finding a small amount of marijuana in his car. According to CBS affiliate KPHO, Phoenix Police Chief Joseph Yahner said at the time of the incident that the officers reportedly told Castro that he had to eat the marijuana if he wanted to avoid going to jail.

Castro says he became sick and vomited after ingesting the marijuana.

The three police officers involved resigned from the force shortly after the incident.

Lawyers for the 20-year-old Castro filed a notice of claim in the case in February against the city and the three officers. That precursor to a lawsuit sought $3.5 million.

Castro's suit filed in October sought undisclosed punitive and compensatory damages for an alleged civil-right violation and emotional distress.

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