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Woman develops persistent spontaneous orgasms after using marijuana

Woman develops persistent spontaneous orgasms after using marijuana

A case study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy appears to detail the very first case of marijuana-induced spontaneous orgasms.

The report explains the case of a 40-year-old woman who reported to medical professionals that she was frequently experiencing spontaneous orgasms without being involved in any sexual activity.

"It was concluded that her spontaneous orgasms were the result of the use of cannabis combined with the long duration of previous sexual activity," the report stated.

The orgasms would occur spontaneously and were associated with a diminished consciousness and mild retrograde amnesia. Understandably, she worried about losing control in public.

The spontaneous orgasms began after a 5-hour-long sexual encounter with a man. Both of them had consumed marijuana before the sex began.

The woman also said she had participated in Tantra Yoga sessions to improving her orgasmic experiences.

After researching her symptoms on the internet, she feared that she had developed Restless Genital Syndrome (ReGS). However, she did not fit the diagnosis.

The woman was advised to avoid combining sex and cannabis. But she took the advice a step further and avoided sex altogether.

However, she continued to smoke cannabis and this appears to have triggered more spontaneous orgasms. When using a large amount of cannabis, she experienced a spontaneous orgasm within 1 minute.

“Apart from the use of cannabis, we speculate that the continuous five hour duration of hard pounding sexual activity may have led to an overactivation of the pudendal nerve resulting in a rebound effect, which made the spontaneous orgasms completely uncontrollable giving rise to a very understandable anxiety and panic,” wrote the authors of the case report.

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