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Treating Endometriosis With Cannabis

Millions of women in the United States alone suffer from endometriosis - a devastating, and often debilitating, condition.Endometriosis causes growths outside of the uterus. Symptoms may present as painful periods and ovulation. Sufferers may also experience infertility and pain during or after sex.

Although this condition is far from uncommon, countless women suffer for years before getting a proper diagnosis. Doctors often dismiss their pain as just horrible PMS.

Medical marijuana has shown its value for women’s health. It soothes PMS, common menstrual cramps and other causes of pelvic pain. But unlike other endometriosis treatment choices such as hormones, surgery, and opioids, cannabis may work more efficiently and with fewer side effects.

All human bodies have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Made of CB1 and CB2 receptors, this system is concentrated the most in the uterus. It is known that women with endometriosis live with a deficiency in CB1 production.

Treatment options which activate CB1 receptors like medical marijuana give pain relief without the side effects of other treatments.

These receptors paired with medical marijuana may also assist with symptoms, like infertility.

A study done on rats with endo showed CB1 receptors were located in rats’ uteruses and also in blastocysts. (A blastocyst is an embryo which was fertilized 5 or 6 days before).

The presence of blastocysts shows the chance of normal fetal implantation in uteruses with this condition. By introducing CB1 agonists like cannabis to the human ECS, fertility may be possible in those with endometriosis.

Treating Endometriosis With Cannabis

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