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Chelsea Handler Latest Celeb To Enter the Cannabis Biz

Comedian Chelsea Handler is preparing to establish her own line of cannabis.

She's documented herself visiting grow facilities and learning about the business on her Instagram, where she announced her new venture. “I’m going to come out with my own line of weed, I decided. I want people to understand that you don’t have to get blotto-ed, you can just get a little, nice buzz to take the edge off,” she said.

In doing her research, Handler is shown inspecting seedlings and observing the cultivation process. “Weed is legal now in California, and should be, because it’s the only fucking thing that’s kept me sane since Trump was elected,” she said.

California became the sixth state to legalize cannabis for adult use in November 2016. That year, voters in Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada also decided to legalize it for adults 21 and older.

Handler is a vocal advocate of not only cannabis, but experimentation of all drugs, which she has said are “great with broadening your mind.” She’s even tried ayahuasca on camera for her Netflix show, Chelsea Does.

Last November, she appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher and stated that she does not trust people, excluding those in recovery, who refuse to experiment.

“I respect people who are sober because they had a problem and they got sober. But if you’ve never tried it, yeah, you’re fucking tricky,” she said. “There’s a control factor that I don’t trust, and that’s what creates a despot or somebody like a Donald Trump. It’s untrustworthy.”

Handler joins the growing movement of stars-turned-ganjapreneurs including Willie Nelson, who sells buds and accessories under his product line Willie’s Reserve; Whoopi Goldberg, whose line of rubs and tinctures (Whoopi & Maya) is specifically catered to menstrual pain; and now Mike Tyson.

In late December, the heavyweight boxing champion broke ground on Tyson Ranch, a 40-acre “cannabis resort” in the Mojave Desert that will feature facilities for research, cultivation, education, and luxury camping for guests.

Chelsea Handler Latest Celeb To Enter the Cannabis Biz

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