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Cannabis at Academy Awards

Cannabis has finally walked the Red Carpet at the Oscars. Hundreds of celebrities lined up in the days just before the Academy Awards telecast to visit an exclusive Beverly Hills Hotel luxury suite, and see the top brands in cannabis - and get a little sample before the Sunday night show.

Brands like Wink and GEFINER M Jewelry had long lines of A-list celebs waiting to get their hands on these trendy products.

Wink - a company that says they are "for women, by women," offered samples of their CBD-enriched spa products and vaporizers. The company has a proprietary process that refines cannabis oil to produce a consistent base. They then reproduce and reintroduce extracted terpene molecules to deliver superior quality.

Genifer Murray of GENIFER M Jewelry gave away her trendy cannabis-leaf bracelets to grateful celebs. These A-listers also loved the large diamond filled cannabis leaf pendants, earrings, men's bracelets and cufflinks.

Also at the event were non-cannabis brands that offered celebs facials, haircuts, massages, and catered lunch.

Many of the celebs that visited said that they loved cannabis, and especially appreciated the women owned and operated businesses. Genifer Murray of GENIFER M Jewelry, said that her brand is about empowering women and men to stand up for what they believe in, and gives people a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry "to start the conversation."

Wink's luscious hand scrub with CBD made sure all the celebs left with soft, relaxed hands - which can get very tired from holding up those heavy Oscars.

Sophia Milos Genifer M Jewelry Academy Awards Oscars

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