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Gene Simmons Latest Celeb to Kiss Cannabis Hello

Anti-drug advocate and rock and roll celebrity Gene Simmons has landed an odd new gig as Chief Evangelist Officer at Canadian cannabis and fertilizer company Invictus.

The Kiss rocker has always promoted clean living and scoffed at peers who snort drugs and get high, but it appears he has relaxed his stance for pot users.

Calling his new ‘CEO’ “a branding and merchandising genius”, Invictus chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dan Kriznic says, “He will lead marketing initiatives that will help spread the positive messages that dwell at the heart of the company.”

“Values and family are very important to me, and when I first connected with Dan at Invictus, I understood immediately that we enjoyed a shared passion for these key life foundations,” added Simmons. “Instead of launching straight into business, we talked about the things that matter the most.”

Gene Simmons Latest Celeb to Kiss Cannabis Hello.

The rock star’s responsibilities include “providing marketing counsel, serving as a spokesperson in the media, public appearances and participation in the company’s annual general meeting and investor meetings.”

The odd thing about the choice of Mr. Simmons isn’t the incongruity of a famous musician and a weed company – Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson are also in the business – but his stance on drugs. He has been vocal about their evils and says he has never touched the stuff.

But “The Demon,” as Mr. Simmons is known, gushed about the actual CEO of Invictus, Dan Kriznic, saying in a press release that they “shared a passion for … key life foundations.”

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