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New Cannabis Company Hopes to Revolutionize the Industry with 2 Groundbreaking New Products

iaso is a new, trailblazing cannabis science and technology company that is introducing two revolutionary new products to the legal marijuana industry.

The company name “iaso” comes from the name of the Greek goddess of healing, wellness and cures, which is in keeping with the company’s mission to develop the highest quality medical cannabis products in the world.

The company is unveiling two new products this week:

GrowBlox is a unique automated cultivation system that offers a multitude important advantages to traditional indoor and outdoor farming. The proprietary, patent pending system has been designed to create and maintain an optimum growing environment for consistently and reliably producing the best cannabis possible. With a compact footprint that occupies just 64 square feet, the sealed environment automatically controls and monitors temperature, light, humidity, air quality, water, nutrients and CO2.

GrowBlox is completely self-contained and plug & play. All a customer needs to provide is electricity, water, CO2, a WiFi connection, and the desired plants. With GrowBlox, growers can now cultivate and harvest in any indoor location – without the need for large warehouses, expensive lighting, air conditioning or heating systems or building improvements. The GrowBlox is a green, energy efficient, totally automated growing chamber that meets the highest agriculture standards.

Each chamber allows for year-round growing of 4 plants, and can produce 5 harvests per year. Its aeroponic technology maximizes root absorption of nutrients and produces robust, lush plants with high cannabinoid profiles. Additionally, the chambers have been thoughtfully designed to fit together either back-to-back or side-to-side to minimize space requirements.

The company says that GrowBlox is ideal for start-up ventures as well as for established cultivators who are either expanding or retrofitting their operations. Growers, investors and entrepreneurs can place an order for 1 to hundreds of units, and receive delivery in approximately 45 days. Growing can then start within days, making the system one of the fastest and most cost-effective complete growing solutions available anywhere in the world.

New Cannabis Company Hopes to Reinvent the Industry with 2 Groundbreaking Products

Within the first year of growing, GrowBlox can provide at least 5 full grows, compared to traditional indoor growing techniques that can take 9-10 months or more before an initial grow is even started.

The system is also very effective for conducting research at universities, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, and testing labs.

Iaso has developed a comprehensive new leasing program that makes it easier to obtain the chambers, and provides an ROI that significantly outperforms other forms of cultivation, according to company figures.


In 2013, GB Sciences developed the first GrowBlox, and invested over $2 million in research, development and testing. In 2015, iaso’s founder and CEO César Cordero-Krüger obtained exclusive global marketing, distribution, IP, and manufacturing rights to GrowBlox, and continued to further refine and invest in the Chambers. GrowBlox is now being presented to the worldwide market as the pre-eminent method for indoor cultivation.


iaso will also be introducing its radically unique hydrodynamic extraction system this week.

PhytoX is the first hydrodynamic extraction system that can process whole, fresh, undried cannabis plants, which maximizes plant utilization, reduces processing costs and increases yields.

iaso’s proprietary extraction system can process freshly-harvested plants into superior extracts. Unlike any other extraction method, PhytoX produces a highly bio-available product.

Due to its unique processing pathway, trichomes are preserved, and intrinsic heat automatically converts THC-A into high quality THC.

“These two new products represent an entirely new way of thinking about cannabis cultivation and cannabis extraction,” said Tony Davis, President and COO of iaso. “We set out to develop breakthrough products and systems that would become the new standards of excellence in the cannabis industry,” he added.

iaso was founded in 2015 by César Cordero-Krüger, a successful serial entrepreneur and accomplished real estate developer and consultant, who has assembled one of the most remarkable leadership and science teams in the cannabis industry: Tony Davis, a successful founder and CEO of multiple venture capital backed technology companies, is iaso’s President and COO. Celeste Miranda, Founder and CEO of the Cannabis Marketing Lab, is the company’s Chief Marketing Officer.

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