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Now You Can Play Blackjack with a Stoned Dealer

With the legalization of marijuana in Nevada, some businesses are opting not to test potential employees for pot.

Caesars Entertainment is the latest company on the Las Vegas Strip to drop marijuana drug testing.

The Associated Press reported that some hotels are skipping the test because managers are having a tough time finding workers who don't use marijuana.

A spokesperson for Caesars says that they only drug test employees if they have a reason to believe they've used drugs.

MGM Resorts say they are still issuing pre-employment marijuana test as a part of their hiring process.

Now You Can Play Blackjack with a Stoned Dealer.

Across the country, many employers are starting to drop marijuana from drug tests. This is especially true in states where recreational use is legal, and people can just walk into a dispensary to purchase the drug.

Companies say they're having a hard time hiring people who don't test positive for weed.

Right now, recreational marijuana is legal in nine states, and that number is expected to grow. But what does that mean for the drug-testing aspect?

Many employers, including some right here in Las Vegas, will no longer require people to test for cannabis.

Caesars Entertainment is among them. Executives say they will no longer test people for the drug unless they're working in transportation.

But Rich Broome, the vice president of communications at Caesars, says there will still be strict guidelines, and any employee who comes to work high will be fired.

"We just felt that given the changes in laws that were happening across the country, it was prudent for us to take a different point of view on marijuana than other drugs in the pre-employment screening process,” said Broome. “[It’s] very different when you’re at work. If you’re high at work, we will test. And if you have the presence of drugs in your blood stream, it can be cause for dismissal."

Excluding marijuana from testing marks the first major shift in workplace drug policies since drug screening began in the late 1980s. But there are still many companies that will continue to test, even where weed is legal.

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