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Company Introduces New Marijuana Inhaler for Sleep

Insomnia sufferers often swear by a puff of marijuana before bed. Now an Israeli company is helping to medicalize the practice with an inhaler that delivers a stable and controlled dose of a cannabis formula that lasts through the night.

i.can.sleep is a joint venture of iCAN:Israel-Cannabis, a group building out the medical marijuana industry in Israel and CannRx, a U.S. corporation that develops medical applications for cannabis.

The joint venture was announced at CannaTech, a conference on medical marijuana in Tel Aviv.

Company Introduces New Marijuana Inhaler for Sleep.

“You take a puff or two depending on the dosage and in ten minutes you will be drowsy enough to sleep,” said William Levine of CannRx.

CannRx Technology Inc. is a US-based corporation and a subsidiary of Izun Pharmaceuticals Corporation. CannRx was established, according to company statements, "to become a leader in the development of medical applications for the cannabis plant."

"CannRx differentiates itself from the complicated legal and social issues being debated on an almost daily basis with respect to cannabis usage. Instead it is the primary intent of CannRx to leverage off an established, patented technology platform that has been developed and apply it to the cannabis plant and establish itself as a market leader in the development of medical applications," according to company statements.

Israel is poised to give final approval to medical marijuana exports in the coming months. According to Kaye, Israel could reap $1 billion in the next two years.

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