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Nation's 1st Cannabis Television Commercial Wins Multiple Awards

America's first television commercial for a cannabis product has won three prestigious Telly Awards. The Telly Awards are like the Oscars of the advertising world.

The commercial, created by the Innovation Agency ( for Eureka Vapor, had to carefully and creatively overcome many hurdles to get on the air. The ad cleverly shows a series of lifestyle scenes - some are heartwarming, others inspiring - but never mentions the product or what it does, which would be a violation of advertising regulations.

The commercial won in the following categories:

  • Local Television Commercial

  • Use of Music in a Television Commercial

  • Low Budget Television Commercial

Randall Huft, President and Creative Director of the Innovation Agency, said that the award is validation of a concept that was unusual and unique.

"We were challenged by the many regulations that govern this type of advertising, so we had to be creative - not only to get the commercial on the air, but also to do so in a way that properly promoted the brand and what it stood for," he said.

The agency is one of the leading marketing, advertising, and public relations firms dedicated to the cannabis industry.

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