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New Large Scale Manufacturing and Packaging Operation Opens in Oakland

Mesh Ventures, a private California-based investment fund focused on the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry, has entered into a joint venture with Portland-based cannabis products co-packer Gesundheit Foods.

A new, large scale manufacturing and packaging facility is being built in the Mesh Ventures Cannabis Complex in Oakland, California.

Led by Tony Bash, a food and beverage industry veteran and former senior vice president at Pepsi, Gesundheit covers all aspects of production, from concept to final packaging. With decades of experience in the industry, the company can offer unparalleled expertise to cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs.

New Large Scale Manufacturing and Packaging Operation Opens in Oakland .

“Joining forces with Mesh Ventures will provide us with the ability to scale our operations in California - the largest cannabis market in the world - and utilize their expertise and existing relationships,” Gesundheit Foods CEO Tony Bash said. “We will be able to produce a wide range of cannabis products, including infused beverages, edibles, pre-rolls, and all of the associated packaging in our full-service facility.”

Parker Berling, partner in Mesh Ventures, said the joint venture with Gesundheit makes sense for several reasons.

“The addition of Gesundheit to our portfolio provides our affiliates and legal marijuana businesses with a full service, food-grade production facility that is heads above anything else currently in the industry in terms of quality, scope of services, and cost efficiencies,” he said. “The cannabis community has been wishing for a facility like this, and we are pleased to make it available to businesses seeking a reliable manufacturing and packaging partner.”

The new facility will be located at the Mesh Ventures Cannabis Complex, located in the Port of Oakland. The campus is home to some of the leading companies in the cannabis industry.

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