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Breweries Have Started Making Marijuana-Infused Drinks

Some breweries are getting into the marijuana game. California-based Lagunitas brewing has announced plans to start selling both a THC and CBD-infused sparkling water late next month.

Called Hi-Fi Hops, the water will be available exclusively in California dispensaries.

Lagunitas isn’t the first brewery to make a cannabis-infused beverage.

A number of breweries have tried brewing with cannabis to create weed-infused brews, although none of those have THC.

Two Roots Brewing has announced plans to sell a non-alcoholic THC and CBD-infused brew that will be available first in Nevada. Colorado already has Ceria Beverages, a non-alcoholic CBD-infused drink created by Blue Moon founder Keith Villa, reports The Takeout.

And it’s only just the beginning. Now that recreational marijuana has been legalized in more and more places, big beer companies have started to look at how they can get a piece of the pie.

Constellation Brands made a large investment in a marijuana company earlier this year and, just last week, Molson-Coors said it was looking into creating a cannabis-infused beverage in Canada, where marijuana will be recreationally legal later this year.


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