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Marijuana Disguised as Bacon

Duluth Georgia have a warning for parents after they found a disturbing new way for teenagers to disguise drugs in their own homes.

Body camera video shows how police discovered while searching a teenager's bookbag, a plastic container that looked like a package of bacon from a grocery store but held half an ounce of marijuana.

Police called the bag a "Stink Sack," purchased and used by marijuana smokers to hide the pungent smell.

Marijuana Disguised as Bacon

"This is the first time I believe we've been in contact with something that disguised weed," said Officer Ted Sadowski."The parents would never know," he said. '

The discovery happened the afternoon of July 14 off Summit Ridge Parkway, as police said they spotted a male and female teenager engaged in the indecent activity.

One officer reported he smelled the possible presence of marijuana, and after the teenage driver allowed officers to search the vehicle and his bookbag, discovered traces of marijuana on the seat and the bacon-disguised bag full of weed.

The teenager, 18, was placed under arrest, police said.

While officers said they have seen basic black "stink sack" bags of marijuana during drug operations, Sadowski showed FOX 5 News a website full of other "Stink Sack" bags disguised to look like wallets, mail, bread, or other household and grocery items.

"It's dangerous what your kid can get into, buying stuff online," he said, advising parents to question their children about their recreational activities, search their rooms and possessions, and watch for warning signs that the teenagers could physically be high.

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